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Calculate earning of Dentist and Hygienist

Professional portfolio for all dental staff.

Currently, there are a number of Dental Management accounting systems available for you to choose from and it can be confusing deciding which software package is going to be the most suitable for your practice.

DMS Financials

Dental Management System (DMS) is a state of the art software solution for dental practices, which calculates the monthly financials for every dentist and hygienist in the practice.

This software has been designed to increase up to 100% accuracy of all financial calculations inputted. It also helps with the confidentiality of dentist’s rates and information.

DMS will enable the staff to carry out the following features: –

1. Calculate earnings of Dentist and Hygienist
2. Helps the staff Increase efficiency in all departments by putting relevant information in the database.
3. Offers KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reports.

With multiple offices having a high turnover of office staff, Dental Management System has been designed simplistically so that it can be integrated into all kinds of Dental Practices (from Single to multiple surgeries) so that even those members of staff that have no accounting knowledge, can use the software.

You also have total autonomy over whether you wish to merge the practices information together. You also have the choice as to how you manage the software, whether it done from the headquarters perspective or from each site of a multiple practice set up.

DMS Portal

The most fascinating feature of Dental Management System is Dental Professional Portal. Here dentists can get registered and maintain their portfolio. They are able to upload their reports and its expiry date. This process will built complete details against a dentist and will accessible to Practices with updated information of a certain dentist.

DMS portal will enable the staff to carry out the following features: –

1. Professional portfolio for Dentists, Practice Manager and Nurses.
2. Helps the staff Increase efficiency by getting information of dentists and nurses from DMS portal.
3. Offers the report of documents uploaded and remain to upload.

Take a demo of the DMS Software today and see how easily it can be integrated and work for your practice.

There are different types of users with their specific roles in DMS.



Administrator may set the initial configuration and assign the rights to Practice Manager and Accountant. He can set the dentist/ hygienist rates. Able to view reports against dentists/ hygienist and different practices, submitted tickets, able to set rates and able to add practices.


Practice Manager

Practice manager will able to add the financial sessions against the dentists in a certain Practice.



He is able to view reports against the dentist/ dentists in certain Practice. He also able to add the financial sessions of dentist in a certain Practice.

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