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DMS was launched in 2010 as a desktop application and with the passage of time like everything in this world gone through some evolution process. It also got new ideas indulged into it.

Initially it was designed for a single PC and then upgraded to run over the network Different users with different roles were given login panels to do their duties.

Current DMS is an application is a web application, which suits different type of companies and surgeries whether it is a small organization or a big one. Dental Management System (DMS) is a state of the art software solution for dental practices which calculates the monthly financials for every dentist and hygienist in the practice.

It will enable the staff to carry out the following functions

  • Calculate ‘earnings’ of Dentist and Hygienist
  • Professional portfolio for all dental staff.

DMS has been simplistically created for all kinds of Dental Practices (from Single to multiple surgeries) so even those members of staff that have no accounting knowledge, can use the software.

Currently, there are a number of Dental Management accounting systems available for you to choose from and it can be confusing deciding which software package is going to be the most suitable for your practice.

DMS is a state of the art software system designed particularly to calculate the compensation of a dentist in surgery. With multiple offices having a high turnover of office staff, Dental Management System is designed to be easy to learn.

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